In a viral infection, such as 90% flu, antibiotics are not an option for treatment


November 17, 2018 | 15:22 | FOCUS News Agency

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Dr. Angel Kunchev: In case of viral infection, such as 90% of the flu, antibiotics are not an option for treatmentPhoto: FOCUS Information Agency

Sofia. When it comes to a pure viral infection, like 90% of the flu, antibiotics do not take place. Not only do they not help, but on the contrary, they can additionally add irritation symptoms to the gastrointestinal tract. That's what he said in an interview for the weekly review "Metronome" Focus Radio the state's chief health inspector, Dr. Angel Kunchev. According to him, the practice of selling antibiotics without a prescription is a winning mechanism for pharmacies, but it should not be at the expense of people. He explained that if there is a specificity regarding influenza, it is because of its large and rapid variability that it administers each season 2 or even new strains. "And this year we could expect different pressures, which is included in the vaccine with two strains A, respectively, H3N2 and H1N1, and two strains B of the two existing lines Victoria and Yamagata. , when influenza viruses have always caused the epidemic, recent years have witnessed a parallel circulation of lineages B and A. It may also have made 3-color manufacturers go to 4-malt vaccines to maximize the protection spectrum. to be important this year, Colorado, or Phuket, is not that important. For the average person, the symptoms of the patient and the clinical picture remain the same, "he explained. Dr. Kunchev specified that in January will be the peak of the influenza epidemic and should be taken in time from anti-influenza preparations. He advises people who have a weak immune system and are often sick to be immunized. Dr. Kunchev explained that we should have two weeks before the virus is found so we can take the necessary action. "It is very important that they be accepted on time because those against whom the virus has not accumulated and are effective are our only remedy for an already emerging disease.If you start a disease, if an antiviral preparation is taken in the first 48 hours , it will have a good and strong action.It will fall quickly, and if we try to take it only after we have developed all the symptoms of fever and sleep in a bed for a week.Then we can not expect the effect to be very good, he added.

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