Ilon Musk has raised the price of ETH with just one word


Ilon Musk is having fun with Twitter.

In short, in a publication on Twitter, it caught the attention of the entire Crypto community on the social network. Tesla CEO simply said "Ethereum." After posting, the price of ETH It began to move, annihilating the losses it had suffered, making profits, albeit briefly.

He followed with "jk" but too late.

The answers came, varying in tone and seriousness. Here are some of the most interesting:

Mouse is more aware of the nuances of the cryptographic community, as is evident in his response to Butterin.

The Twitter nickname Buterin Twitter "Vitalik No-Giver of Ether" Buterin prevents any potential cheaters from trying to cheat on your profile.

EthHub developer Anthony Sassano pointed out that Ethereum entered Google Trends by the time Muss published Ethereum.

The second largest encryption loop was traded in red in the next few days. But ETH was pushed shortly after being mentioned by the famous entrepreneur.

This is not the first time Muss has triggered Twitter's moves. He recently spoke about Dogecoin. For a time he was appointed executive director of the bogus decentralized project.

Meanwhile, inspiring a reversal in the price of Ethereum, though only for a while, Ilon Musk demonstrated just how loving and influential he is in Capture enthusiasts. If you decide to release a Tesla coin, the search would probably be colossal.

For someone who has been largely avoided on Wall Street, the warm welcome of the Crypt is an interesting contrast.


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