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I had a lot of problems with the tires, complained Vettel

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel, photo: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel explained that he had problems with the tires during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which in the first part of the race did not work properly.

During this period, the Ferrari driver was behind many of Mercedes' competitors and could not get close to the end of the race. According to Sebastian, in light of what he saw today, Ferrari is not a favorite for the top spots in the next round in Barcelona.

"I was not able to make the tires work," the German said. "They were very cold, and when they got hot, they started to spoil. That's why I felt uncomfortable and had no confidence in the car.

So I was expecting a second hard pitch and a medium tire. But they resisted the final and I had no problems. I think with these tires we have the rhythm to keep pace with Mercedes and put them under pressure. "

Vettel also explained that he had to be careful with Max Vertappe, who approached him. And at the end of the race it was crucial that Sebastian finished third and Leckler made the fastest lap. In his words, Ferrari has a lot to do.

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