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How a 33-year-old leaves in just one day – Analysis

Everyone has to be saved, as they can and if they can.

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Everyone has to be saved, as they can and if they can.

“Dnevnik” republished from dir.bg (with his permission) the shocking story of a relative of a 33-year-old man who died of a coronavirus in Sofia two days ago, while waiting for an ambulance and a bed in a hospital. The case provoked sympathy for the family and indignation with the organization of the system on social networks. At the time, the Emergency Service spokesman, Katya Sungarska, told Dnevnik that this is not the first case and it will not be the last, because at the moment the center is overloaded and reacts with a long delay of signals. Part of this comes because of the necessary disinfection of ambulances. According to her, there is no problem of lack of cars, but of a doctor. The Ministry of Health is investigating the case, but there are still no official results.

The day is October 30th. My relative (this is my friend’s brother) was diagnosed with COVID-19, he had a positive PCR test the previous Friday. In general his condition was good, during the week he had a fever, but then he had a mild cough to get down. He was taking medicine, antibiotics, quarantine, fluids and all the standard things he recommended for home treatment.

Thus begins the story of the last hours of a life and the experiences of his relatives – his parents, his brother and his girlfriend. It was she, without revealing her name, only the first few letters of the same – IP, who told Dir.bg about what happened. We transmit the story without interfering in its essence. And the title is hers …

“On the morning of October 30, your parents called us

he did not feel well at night, had very low blood pressure and was very dizzy.

We immediately seek to contact your personal doctor, as well as any known doctors, who have recommended that we take the usual things to increase blood pressure, which would not harm you if you take other drugs. We kept in touch with him all day, he managed to stabilize his blood pressure around noon and was feeling well, but in the early afternoon he had dizziness and tinnitus. We also heard from acquaintances that all wards are full and that there is complete chaos in Sofia when it comes to accommodating COVID patients.

Around 16-17 in the afternoon he felt really bad, his blood pressure dropped a lot – 50 to 90, he was dizzy and said he was starting to breathe heavily. And since then, the difficulty began to find a place to receive him.

We decided to check in at private hospitals first, because the publics are certainly overcrowded.

First call to Sofiamed. We called the emergency room, where he picked up a woman (whose position we don’t know) and said he needed to talk to the doctor to see if he accepted, but the doctor was busy now and we had to call. later.

Then we called Tokuda, where we were directed to another phone, where we were told that there was a distribution center and we had to call there. The whole time I was trying to find the phones at this center, the RHI hotline, some emergency phone or a list of hospitals with COVID wards, but to no avail.

We called several private ambulances to see if they could at least examine him, because we didn’t know why his condition was deteriorating so quickly, but we were told that they were only transporting patients at the time, they had no doctors and

it’s best to find a place to accommodate you first and then call them,

so that the patient does not get lost in Sofia.

There was a new call to Sofiamed, where we explained that the patient is in a serious condition, we can only bring him in to confirm that they are going to examine him and that they have a bed. The same answer followed that we should speak to the doctor on duty, who is currently busy. Then, in a few minutes, we called them two more times, and the fourth time the doctor answered, heard the problem and said he didn’t know why we were calling him, because there was a distribution center and he couldn’t help.

We decided that there was no more to wait for and we had to call 112 to record the signal and wait for an ambulance to arrive. We explained over the phone that he is a 33-year-old young man with no other illnesses, who has a cardiac arrest, gets worse every minute and needs urgent medical attention. From then on, we were advised to put on patience and send a team when they had the chance. This happened at 6:30 pm.

And just waiting here.

We went to the front of the block to wait for the ambulance and see where they could take him. In the meantime, I took on the task of calling all hospitals in Sofia to find out where there are places and where they can receive you. The only option left is to call the private ambulance as soon as they confirm that it will be accepted somewhere so that you can transport it.

First call to “Pirogov” – there are no places, they explained to me to call the coordination center, but they were unable to give me their phone number because they were new centers and they still don’t know their contacts. They were in an infectious disease hospital. Call the Infectious Diseases Hospital – no one answered.

We called Alexandrovska Hospital, where after another transfer I contacted a woman who explained to me that they had no beds, but that we could take him for an examination and if he was really in a bad state they could not refuse to examine him. no hospital.

We also call ISUL, there are also no places, there was nothing they could do. The review also declined.

We called the Hospital da Primeira Cidade – on call service, there is no place, in my memory at least they gave me the number of the coordination center so I could call them and see where there are vacancies and take them.

The Center told me that there are no free beds anywhere in Sofia,

they cannot examine him, and currently two ambulances are sitting and waiting with patients inside for a bed to be vacated somewhere. I don’t know how to make bed at 7 pm and I don’t want to think about it.

In the meantime, we called 112 several times to let them know that the person was getting worse, to ask if it was clear when they would come for at least some time, but they said they couldn’t tell us anything because it was crowded everywhere and there were patients waiting. from 3 pm to 4 pm.

During that time, we also called St. Anna, the Military Medical Academy, Second City Hospital, several private hospitals – “St. Catherine”, “Doverie”, “Serdika”, who did not pick up any of the contact numbers listed.

We decided to take him to Alexandrovska to at least examine him and if they could give him first aid, but on my second call my doctor shouted and explained to me that a person with such low blood pressure was to be hospitalized and there was nothing they could do. and hung up my phone.

Another call to “Pirogov”, from where I was told directly “to bring, we will not accept”.

With every minute that passed the man got worse, with more and more difficulty breathing. On the next call to 112, the doctor on duty wanted to speak directly to him and during the conversation, in addition to being rude and scolding him for not being able to say exactly what medications he was taking, she said that at least she would have to wait more an hour, even though he had told her it was too bad.

We waited and tried to contact a hospital, on the recommendation of our acquaintances, we called the Fourth City, where they confirmed that they have beds and we can take you by private ambulance. We immediately called an ambulance, the man said he would be in 20 minutes. We called Fourth City again to confirm that they would accept him so that we would not take him from one hospital to another under these conditions. Fifteen minutes later, his roommate, who was in contact with him and also in quarantine, called us saying he was already breathing hard and had passed out.

My friend couldn’t take it and went up (wearing a mask because we had it in hand) to see what was going on. The private ambulance arrived 2-3 minutes later and the man climbed up very quickly.

But it is too late. They gave you a cardiac massage for about 20 minutes,

the man in the private ambulance immediately called an ambulance to tell them that the situation was very critical. Perhaps 40 minutes after the whole incident, the state ambulance finally arrived – 4 hours (18:30 – 22:30) after the signal. And just to establish death and say that there is nothing they can do.

If you’re wondering how a healthy young man with coronavirus is doing – well, with phone treatment, 4 hours of waiting for an ambulance, calling several hospitals, I don’t know, refusing to accept him from anywhere or at least to examine it, total neglect of all medical teams – whether public or private, lack of adequate help, unwillingness to save lives, even basic organization and clarity on how to act in such a situation. Everyone has to be saved, as they can and if they can.

The pain remains for us, your relatives, for a ruined young life, and I define the whole situation as a murder – the murderer is our health care system, the doctors who told me yesterday that they would not accept and an ambulance that I would not accept she said she reacted slowly – I would say she didn’t react at all. “

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