Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Hot on BLITZ! Here in which cities there will be no runoff

Today's election day has officially ended. The final results are not yet 100% clear, but there are still some cities where the mayor was elected in the first round and there is no need to run at the polls.

BLITC remembers that it is right in Sofia there will be a second round of local elections between Yordanka Fandakova and Maya Manolova.

But here is where the mayor was elected today:

Burgas he chose again Dimitar Nikolov from GERB to mayor. He won the local vote by 64.5%.

Another term as mayor won Golden Zhivkov from GERB. In Montana won over 70% of voters.

Veliko Tarnovo and he chose the next mayor to be Daniel Panov GERB, supporting it at 62.5%.

GERB candidate for mayor of Zagora, Stara Zhivko Todorov won 58% of the votes of Stara Zagora.

There was a definite victory for Hassan azis. The MRF mayoral candidate Kardzhali won the first round by 50.4%.

Over 70% off Krasimir Gerchev of GERB is again the mayor of the municipality Reason.


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