Horoscope May 7: Big problems for 2 Zodiac today



Today, you also will not know what you want from your beloved. Also, you will not know what to expect from it, and any action or reaction to your actions will only cause you negative emotions. Just make sure you do not expect anything – it will (maybe) be easier …

It will be very complicated for your beloved today to understand what you want to tell him about these or those of his actions. He will not be able to understand his motives and desires and therefore behave absent and inadequate. Try to be more open and understandable.

Today, you should hardly remember that you are responsible for what you donated. Did not you behave a little differently than when you took care of your loved one, trying to find him? Return to these times, be gentle, flattering, considerate and, above all, understand the partner.

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On this day, your loved one can act inappropriately and unpredictably. But it's not just for you: you've learned your behavior patterns for a long time and you know them by heart. You may have to explain what that means and why it happens, and even warn them of possible dangers.

Whatever happens, stay calm. It will be extremely necessary. Far from it all, today will move forward with the preliminary plan, but if you start getting annoyed on this occasion, nothing good will happen. But, as Carlson said, "Calm down, just calm down …"

Today you are in front of everyone! Fulfilled with charm and (as always) with a razor-sharp mood, you can triumphantly pass that day, invulnerable to the envious. They would like to deal with life without making any effort to do so. You are very clear about who you are, where you are in life and how you plan to get there. If you want, share the secrets of your success, but it's worth it!

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This day can be very unpleasant: financial losses and personal and business spells are likely. Professional relationships can be suspended and conflicts with friends will be difficult to avoid. You will be able to deal with the negative tendencies of the day if you show the responsibility and steadiness of the spirit – you will need it to counter seduction and temptation. Eliminate dark thoughts. Monitor everything that is happening around you and you will not miss important things that would be of great importance for the future.

This day is not very promising, it is not very promising and fruitful, but it will be pleasant. You do not have to be busy at work, but you can safely take advantage of events while fulfilling some of your long-term wishes and dreams. New talents will be discovered, but do not rush to find an app right away: you do not have to trade anything at retail! You are satisfied with yourself and your life, and the people around you realize it. But their reaction is unclear: some like it, others certainly are jealous. In the end, at least you will be clear about things ….

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You will be inclined to do business on this day. You may want to meet your small needs for something, build your house or fill your bag. But whatever you do, you will need to be guided not only by your desires but also by your good sense or duty. The night will bring you new interests and will make you give up on excess, agility and formality. Informal friendship will attract you with great power. Do not change the goals you set and everything will be fine.

Today your beloved will tell you paradoxical things. And for the most part – for you. It is possible that 90% of these things are dictated by the desire to shock, attack, surprise and attract your attention. But a little truth in your words will still be …

Today, like never before, you need stimulation, and you can find it in new sensations, new music, culture, cinema, cinema or dish. New impressions will help you get rid of old thoughts and make room for new ideas. So, look for something that you have not thought of before, or you have not had the chance to try it. This also applies to people who can inspire you about something unusual. Find the source of your motives and actions by asking misleading questions. This can bring you in a whole new way.

Stop holding the object of your affection for the feelings you feel for it. If you were able to open your eyes to not be indifferent, tell him again: it may not be convenient for you, but he is not indifferent to it. You will not be so difficult.


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