Glorious Ajax transformed Juve into the middle of Torino and is in 1/2-final + VIDEO


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Sleepy Collage Ajax Awakes! The Dutch continue to amaze Europe after eliminating Italian hegemony Juventus and qualified for the 1/2-final in the Champions League for the first time in 20 years!

The guests won 2: 1 in the middle of Torino, and this was the minimum the "Old Lady" was getting rid of. It all started brilliantly for the hosts after Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring in the 28th minute but Ajax took the initiative and did not lose until the end.

Donny van de Beek equalized in the 34th minute, and in the 68th Mathis de Licht he was successful by the Dutch, with a total score of 3: 2 of the two games tied for the next phase.

There will be a rival between Manchester City and Tottenham, who play for Etihad tomorrow night. Before the rematch, the Londoners had a 1-0 lead.

Max Allegre picked Paolo Diballa to face the injured Mario Manjukic. The Argentine coach was on the front line with Federico Bernardeski and the great star Cristiano Ronaldo. Daniele Rougani again replaced injured captain Giorgio Cielini. Matthias De Shillio was the favorite of João Cansela, who helped in the first game and was responsible for the Dutch goal.

Joel Veltman changed the penalty from Nicholas Talyaphico to Ajax. At the center of the attack was Dushan Tadic, assisted by David Neres and Hakim Ziesh. Young star Franke de Jong, who had problems with injuries, also opened a host for the guests. Beside him, in the middle of the field, were Lasse Schöne and Donny van de Beek.

The Torino game began with caution and at first there were no interesting situations in front of the two doors. The Dutch received bad news in the 11th minute, when the return after the penalty Nousaire Mazuru suffered an injury and was forced to change. The first half ended the game 21 minutes into the match. Given a free kick close to the byline, Donny van de Beek tried a move that loyal fans may recognize from training.

Juve responded a little later with a kick from Paulo the Dibble, which Andrea Onana took. So far, the meeting was monotonous, which was entirely in the taste of "bianconers" because of a goal in a foreign field. This was the day of the match with 28 minutes played. Mathis de Licht was wrong on the turn, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo uncovered, and the five-time Golden Ball winner found the score in 1: 0!

Later, the Portuguese ace could be undone for the second time, but his bomb hit was over. In the 34th minute, Ajax equalized. The ball fell accidentally in Van de Beek and Matthias De Shilio covered the ambush. The midfielder turned one second and, with a blow to the ground, gave voice to Voicechus Schernis by 1: 1!

At 52 minutes, Ajax was second in goal. Miralem Pianic was wrong on the move, Van de Beek put Hakim Ziesh in a clear position and the striker threw strong. Scherz, however, had taken an excellent position and managed to save with one hand. 180 seconds later, Ronaldo hit his head in a corner, but in the end. In the 58th minute, Van de Beek was again in the spotlight. He kicked just below the top beam, but again the Juve goalkeeper was in place and killed.

In the middle of the second half, Pianic saved the hosts a safe goal. Dushan Tadic made a great pass to Zeez, who was in front of the empty door, but the Bosnian with a certain sword cleared. So Zeez found himself in a clean position, but decided to give in instead of firing and making mistakes. So far Ajax played better and Juwa failed to make a meaningful attack.

And in the 68th minute the logic happened. After a corner kick, De Licht beat Daniele Rougny and Alex Sandro and headed for Dutch Colos – 2: 1! At 74 minutes, David Neres was put on the defensive, but a few inches away he divided three goals for the guests. In the end, no new goal fell, and Zeez's kick was set aside by ambush.

Juventus – Ajax 1: 2

Top scorers Ronaldo (28), 1: 1 Van de Beek (34), 1: 2 De Licht (68)

Juventus: Alexis Sandro, Rougini, Boncui, Di Shilio (64-Cansela), Mateus, Pianic, Giann, Ronaldo, Diballa (46-Keane), Bernadesky
Coach: Max Allegri

Ajax: Onana, Veltman, De Licht, Van de Beek, Nerd, Tadic, Magrawy (11-Syngragne, 80 Magallan), Blind, Schonne, De Jong,
Coach: Eric Ten Hag

Turin"Juventus Stadium"
Judge: Clemens Turien
Yellow cards: Zhang, Ronaldo (Juventus)


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