Monday , October 18 2021

France with third victory in the qualifiers, Champion of record – Soccer World – Euro 2020


World champion France overcame the shock of Turkey a few days ago and returned to the series of wins in the Euro Cup qualifiers of 2020. Didier Descan, of the brewery, did not surprise Andorra and scored 3 x 0 as a guest.

The duel of the national stadium of Andorra will be, nevertheless, more remembered by the conquest of Killian Micbe. The football monster of French football scored his 100th goal in his professional career. Babe reached his jubilee in game 180. His goals are for the national team of France, who already has 13, as well as for the teams of Monaco and Pari Saint-Germain.

Babe released Messy and Ronaldo

Mbape opened the scoring just after 11 minutes of the Andorra meeting and set the tone for easy success in the Gauls. Wisam Ben Yedder and Floran Thoven made the score with a goal for the interval, and in the second half Kurt Zuma increased to 4: 0.

In the other group game, Turkey disappointed their supporters after the great success in the previous round of qualifiers on France. Today's Şenol Gunes team retreated to Iceland and the hosts won the fight for first place.

Ragnar Sigurdsson had two goals to give a comfortable lead in his 31 minutes and five before the end of the first half, Dorukan Tokus reduced to Turkey and kept the intrigue in the match.

In the second half, however, Turkish troops did not reach at least one point that kept them top of Group H. Although the guests had the lead in the match, they managed to score two shots, one of which was scored. your goal in the game.

At the same time, Albania lied to Moldova as host with 2: 0 and thus recorded its second victory in the campaign. Andorra remains the only team in the group without a victory point.

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