First snow: Botev works on summer selection


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Botev's (Plovdiv) leadership is working hard for the team's selection, but the bosses are looking for players who can strengthen themselves in the summer, says Meridian Match. It was decided that the "Kanarcheta" will not be particularly active during the next winter window, but will place a solid selection for the new season. As is well known, almost certainly the "black-and-black" is the youngster of Belasitsa Amador Zapro Dinev, who is expected to arrive in Plovdiv in January. It is possible that one or two other caliber players will come to the team, but only many.

Instead, Botev's leadership will use the winter window to split with three players who receive one of the club's highest salaries. It's about Ivan Cvorovic, Diogo Campos and Gustavo Amfonso. The desire of the bosses is that the contracts of the first two are rescinded in advance by mutual agreement and the third is sold in a club abroad.


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