Saturday , October 23 2021

First photo: Here is a busy banker who stole his office with his lover in Karlovo


Penka D., 35, of Karlovo, with the roots of the village of Starosel, Hissar, is the employee of the credit institution, who was arrested the previous day and then released with a guarantee of 2,000 BGN.

As the first blitz reportedPenka has created a bad scheme. She summoned her lover, broke the office safe, raised 8,900 leads. In front of the police, the woman said that someone had stolen 22,500 leads from the cashier. In this way, she wanted to hide the shortcomings of the money she was responsible for. After breaking the office, Penka gave her lover a reward for the amount of 3,000 leads. When the man was arrested, 1,500 leads were found, allegedly with the other half he paid his bors. Cash on employee was not found.

The bosses of the bank robbery begin a financial inspection in the office, while police continue working on the case. The accomplice-lover remains in custody, today the court will see his detention measure.

As we said, Penka D. and her lover imitated that someone else had made the assault. After five days of uninterrupted work, Karel officials, led personally by Chief Inspector Sulko Litov, revealed the scheme. BLISTER contacted people pulled by Penka D. They claim they were dragged by a woman's coup. According to our information, these are people who have already lent credit to the financial institution in question. Years later, Penka kept her personal information and requested for them on her behalf. She collected the money for herself. There are about 80 people.

Blitz knew that even before the robbery was staged, the company had begun an internal investigation into abuse before it was stolen.



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