First-class grater: Drownmund hangs over Messi with kicks over Barca + VIDEO


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Atletico's last defender, Philippe Luis, beats Borussia Dortmund, who is hoping to receive a proposal from Barcelona, ​​Sport reports.

As you know, the Brazilian will leave the treadmills as a free agent during the summer, and Westphalia hopes that they will be able to convince him to sign with them.

The 33-year-old South American, however, uses the "black-yellow" only as a backup option. He dreams of playing in team with Lionel Messi, whom he has given dozens of kicks over the years.

Luis told the bosses of Dortmund that Germany is an option in front of him, but he wants to wait. In the absence of an offer from Barca, the defender will also consider the move to Flamengo.

Recently, he publicly announced that his priority is to re-sign his contract with Atletico. The truth, however, is quite different.


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