FIND HERE: CSKA – Victoria (Pilsen) 2: 1, a complete turn for the "red"!


90 + 2 & # 39;

Tournament: Controls Bulgaria

90 + 2 & # 39;

End of the game!

81 & # 39;

HOLIDAY FOR CSKA! The Reds came in a full turn after a good kick from Enrique Rafael, who with a sharp diagonal kick to the left on the field did not leave a chance for the Czech goalkeeper – 2: 1!

75 & # 39;

There are no interesting situations in the second half, especially since the two teams made several changes, especially the Czech team.

62 & # 39;

Chance for Jesse, who had the opportunity to knock the opponent's door, but the ball went into the arms of the keeper.

55 & # 39;

A great save by Stipica!

48 & # 39;

First chance for the Czechs in the second half: A penalty kick in front of the large area, the ball passed in centimeters of the goal!

45 & # 39;

Beginning of the second semester.

45 & # 39;

End of first semester.

43 & # 39;

ГООООЛЛЛЛ ЗА ЦСКА! Edwin Jesse equals the score, also a penalty – 1: 1!

38 & # 39;

Pilsen could double the score, but Koivar of the point penalty air sent the ball over the door!

36 & # 39;

HOLIDAY HOLE! The Czechs are taking a penalty – 1: 0! It's Godel!

35 & # 39;

Not yet called a clear goal in the game.

29 & # 39;

Jesse got the ball to a good position to shoot from the line of the field, but his kick bounced off a Czech player and went to the corner.

22 & # 39;

Pilsen's superb strike ended with a shot wide of the line, but Stypica stretched and pushed to the corner!

15 & # 39;

It was a bad day for the game, and at the end of the game, CSKA players relaxed and focused more on defending the lead than increasing it.

10 & # 39;

A long shot from CSKA's goal, the ball passes to the right crossbar.

5 & ​​# 39;

The Czech champion starts a stronger match, since in the first minutes the action happens outside the door of the Stypica.

1 & # 39;

Beginning of the game!

CSKA will meet current Czech Republic champion Victoria (Pilsen) in their fourth Spanish soil control. The team of Nestor el Maestro is in Marbella, a preparatory field.

So far, the Reds have scored a win (2: 0 over China's Shanghai Shewhua), a draw (1: 1 with Bochum) and a loss (1: 3 Pushkash Academy).

CSKA vs Victoria (Pilsen) today at 17:00

CSKA, with new test, will score strength with the Czech champion

In the selection of Victoria (Pilsen) interprets the ex- captain of the Levski – Roman Prohazka

In the composition of Victoria (Pilsen) is played the former football player Levski Prohazka, who should participate in the inspection.

Before the clash came the information that CSKA will be without Kiril Despodov, which raised doubts about the transfer of the "red" star.

After the defeated agreement, although guaranteed with Rapid (Vienna), the Brazilian Tarar Maurizis returns to the team. Control starts at 5:00 p.m.

Thomas Neubert: We worked hard to make CSKA players the best

Thomas Neubert: We worked hard to make CSKA players the best

"20 games – goal difference of 35: 8, only three injuries for 6 months," said the German fitness expert


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