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Extraordinary: Ninova with the first comment after the decision of subsidy


I appreciate what happened to the party grants as a waste of time – it's time to think fundamentally and solve the problem. That's what BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said at a press conference in connection with the GERB Coalition Council and United Patriots on party subsidies, the FOCUS news agency reported.

"I was impressed with another outcome of the coalition partners meeting today that they are just wanting to start a dialogue with the parliamentary parties to find a sensible solution. I appreciate what happened here as a waste of time and diverting public attention from Our National Council empowered the group to invite the other parliamentary parties to speak, and calmly, reasonably, and without unnecessary emotions, to resolve this issue. "said Ninova.

She recalled that the party's position was to "reduce" the subsidy, but not to 1 leads and not open funding for the oligarchs. "Unfortunately for our invitation, the GERB and the Patriots did not respond, and today they made exactly the same decision to start a conversation. We lost maybe two weeks, it's time to sit down and think about it and solve the problem," added Ninova.

Asked what position the BSP would defend, the party leader said there was no final decision on the size of the subsidy. "We are reducing and making estimates for a different value, we will seek understanding in dialogue, we do not want to impose anything specific, we will show financially what is necessary for a party to work calmly and independently of private and external interests," he said. the leader of the BSP. She pointed out that she does not want to call a number today because the conversation is open.


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