Everything is honest, I'll bet my head.


Slavic president Ventseslav Stefanov was extremely disappointed after the team's second consecutive defeat in the elite. The "White" took 2: 0 to 11 minutes against September, but they did a rebound and fell 2: 3 in the group B match of the second eight in the Premier League. This is the second consecutive loss to Slavia after the Danube (3: 5) in the last round and Stefanov reacted violently to the speculation that some of the players played simulatively and had a black lot with many bets for the match. He promised again that he would punish the players.

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"I can not tell them.I know 100% that there are no dishonest and irregular jobs.This format is silly.A person who understands football can conclude that there is no such thing.Now the confrontation is in me.It is easier to verify If there is such a thing, you have to apologize to me.If there is such a thing, you can look for a culprit.I do not see who in Slavia can do such a thing, "said Slavia's boss after the game .

"Does anyone know if a coach can go and tell his players to" score two goals and then let them score three? "So, how do I go to them and ask for something?" There was never such a thing in Slavia, I put my head in. They will be fined for the previous game as well, but I guarantee there are no players who have played simulatively. ready to be put on a lie detector if there are high stakes. What he wants to check out UEFA, "added Ventsi Stefanov.



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