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Entertainment The stolen picture of Picasso appeared in Romania six years later

Picture of one of the walls in

© Robin Van Lonkhuijsen, Reuters

Picture of one of the walls in Kunsthal, Rotterdam, after the robbery in 2012

A photo of Pablo Picasso's Tête d'Arlequin, which would have been stolen in 2012 by the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, has appeared in Romania, Reuters reported.

In 2012, one of the most dramatic robberies of recent years stole seven paintings worth more than 18 million euros. Among them, works by Picasso, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and others. In 2013, authorities detained two Romanians – the gang leader and one of his accomplices in the robbery who had been convicted for 6 years and 8 months.

However, the images did not appear. Several Romanian experts said they believed that at least three of the works were burned in an effort to cover the evidence.

"Prosecutors in the fight against organized crime are investigating the circumstances in which Picasso's photo, estimated at around 800,000 euros, was opened Sunday in Tulcea County, Romania," a statement said. It also complements that the authenticity of the work is verified.

The works that disappear after the assault are:

1. Pablo Picasso – Tête d & # 39; Arlequin
2. Henri Matisse – La Liseuse in Blanc and Jaune
3. Claude Monet – Waterloo Bridge, London
4. Claude Monet – Charing Cross Bridge in London
5. Paul Gauguin – Woman devant une fenêtre ouverte, à la novia
6. Meier de Haan – Self-portrait (circa 1889 – 1891)
7. Lucy Freud – Woman with Eyes Closed (2002)

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