English teams are the new masters of Europe


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Four English football clubs have reached the semifinals of the Champions League and the Europa League this season. This is the first time in the last 35 years.

More on the subject

In the Champions League, Liverpool will play the semifinals against Barcelona, ​​and Tottenham against Ajax. In the Europa League, Arsenal go against Valencia and Chelsea against Eintracht Frankfurt. For the last four teams of England played semi-final in European club tournaments in season 1983/84.

In the semifinals of the European Champion Clubs' Cup, Liverpool defeated Dynamo Bucharest and then won the final against Rome with 4: 2 after penalties and 1: 1 in regulation time and overtime.

In the same year, Manchester United lost Juventus to the semi-finals of the KNK (1: 1, 1: 2) and Tottenham and Nottingham Forest reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup.

Tottenham beat Haidouk (1: 2, 1: 0) and Nottingham Forest lost from Anderlecht (2: 0, 0, 3). In the final, Tottenham beat the Belgians with a 4: 3 penalty.


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