Elena Yoncheva accused the Minister of Culture of Corruption of the Largo Project


In 2016, the current Minister of Culture Boil Banov, then Deputy Minister of Culture, acted with the aim of "simplifying" 700 000 leads (almost the same amount is the accusation of money laundering against Elena Yoncheva), which should be imposed as a sanction for the renovation project of Largo, the "Ancient Serdika Complex" project. This was stated by MP Elena Yoncheva of the BSP at a special press conference, which was promised earlier this week with the motto "revelation of high-level corruption."

The companies that carry out the project are Roads and Bridges EOOD, Patstroy – Varna, Restoration EAD and Finance Group 2013 – all of which are united in the "Ancient Serdika" Association and the leading company is the first company.
At the press conference, as evidence, Yoncheva made a recording of a telephone conversation in which Banov made the agreement – to sign an attachment. The record was about 3.5 minutes, but the BSP promised to provide the full recording without installation. The conversation was recorded by an "official of the Ministry of Culture," and the conversation itself was led by the Office of the Minister of Culture in March 2016. The record had reached the BSP "now," was Yoncheva's words. And the tape recorder was ready to testify.
Asked, though with whom Banov speaks, Yoncheva's reply was: "The authorities will establish it". She talks to two different people on the phone, she added, and finally explained that they were actually two conversations. The first was with DZA engineer Dragomir Draganov "Ancient Serdika" and the second with Angel Angelov, from independent construction control. Other officials of the Ministry of Culture – Tatyana Tsanovska, Angel Angelov and arch. Mechkunov.

Asked what Boil Banov won from the scheme, Elena Yoncheva referred to Banov himself. And about the recording, Yoncheva said the registration was made as secure – because the employees who signed up knew they were signing illegal documents. She could not explain because the record leaves 3 years later, after the enrolled official learned that he was involved in something illegal and assumed that is "a matter of fear". Yoncheva's colleagues commented that they did not know if there was any sign in the "principal's" promoter's office after questioning whether now, after these revelations, it would not happen that the officials involved "disappeared".
Let's hold another press conference – then Yoncheva responded to a request from Actualno.com to reveal more corrupt practices in constructionafter Yoncheva herself boasted that the US State Department in its 2017 report found the violations in question and the BSP knew what it was about.
A direct question in Actualno.com because now the BSP talks about corruption with EU funds and uses OLAFand on January 18 The European Parliament voted in favor of suspension of EU funds when corruption with EU funds and all members of the BSP, Yoncheva did not reply and merely reiterated that the signal would be sent to OLAF.

This is how Borisov raises his subordinates – the more dependent they are, the more they stand up, Yoncheva said, and asked if Banov had a greater personal interest than the one declared in the conversation.
BPP parliamentary member Pencho Milkov added that the administrative body of the project is the regional ministry, and the funds are European and "there is no way the MRDPW" has missed it. Milkov added that the BSP would send a signal immediately to the prosecution and OLAF. In the first place, it would be the signal for OLAF.
"In this situation, we strongly insist on the resignation of Minister Banov," said the BSP.

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