Dr. Hasardzhiev: Mimi, 6 years old, left and everyone did their job – NHIF


Even when the problem of transferring the fund for the treatment of children abroad to the NHIF was discussed, we said that this was a transfer of the problem from one pocket to the other. That said, dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev, of the National Patient Organization, on the morning TV of Nova TV, on the occasion of the 6-year-old Maria, born with Down Syndrome, who died without waiting for treatment.

At the moment we do not know what is happening. Yesterday, Cash said they had done their job. Mimi left after obviously everyone did their job, said Dr. Hasardzhiev.

It is unclear what procedure she has arrived at, what are the names of the people who return the documents, and the treatment of those children is delaying, their chances are diminishing. There are many problems, there are other children waiting and many of these cases are waiting for us, said Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev.

The answers should be given much faster than what is happening at the moment. There will be some restrictions, but people need to know why these restrictions are imposed, said the former director of Pirogov, Dr. Spas Spaskov.

If we look at the good things, the resource available to the NHIF is significantly larger than what was available in the Fund and this should allow more children to go abroad, said Dr. Spaskov.


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