CSKA Sofia will be investigated for a match


The Black Sea leadership reports to the Bulgarian Football Union for "players caught" in loss in Varna with 1: 3

The Black Sea leadership will send an official signal to the Bulgarian Football Federation to reveal details of the latest scandal related to CSKA Sofia. If the investigation, which the football union is required to do later, confirm the signal, this may lead to the removal of the capital of the First League Football team, reports to Sportal.

Yesterday, in the last Black Sea game for the season – the visit against Ludogorets, the Varna team ran out of six of their most experienced players. Varna coach Ilian Iliev said the club's leadership doubted their players for a simulated game and took over the lie detector composition made by Interior Ministry psychologists.

Six of them showed "troubling results" and were removed from the team – captain Georgi Iliev, goalkeeper Georgi Kitanov, Ivan Dyulgerov, Peter Vitanov, Viktor Genev and Plamen Dimov. According to coach Ilian Iliev, they were released directly from the club.

It's CSKA Sofia's 1: 3 home defeat on May 4 and this is the second questionable match with this team during the season. On May 7, the BFU took Vereya out of the Premier League after his matches were on the list of those suspected of many bets on UEFA's early warning system. One of those matches was the visit of "CSKA Sofia" in Stara Zagora, which ended with a 1: 0 victory. Then Vereya pointed out that this game was not as good as the capital team was much stronger and they were not guilty " only by 1: 0 ".

Last night, CSKA Sofia's sports director and right-hand man of Grisha Ganchev of Litex Stoicho Stoilov responded in an extremely nervous manner to the situation with the six members of the Black Sea: "Please, are you serious? is asking this question, was it, bTV? Or are you the next media like these – where do the sparrows do?

Before that, however, Stoilov accused champion Ludogorets of playing unfairly throughout the championship.

"We are the moral champions, and when you play fair football, we lose points and we see that a weak team – with the new sparrows, for the second consecutive year, has become undefeated champion, and last year we were better," said Stoilov. Not only Botev (Pd) (the points lost against that team) took us the title, and you see the "Black Sea" with these teenagers – the participation of Varna players without six players in the last game against Ludogorets) … At least the military had an honor before (again – their thinking is for the "Black Sea," which in socialism was something like "satellite" of the former CSKA), but that word in Bulgaria no longer exists.


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