Cruel fraud with sms related to A1, see and care!


A major blow related to the mobile giant A1 is happening to consumers, the company said. Suspicious companies send fake sms to customers in the A1 for a money-generating scheme.

See what they write in an open position for the A1 media.

In recent days, suspicious sms on network A1 has occurred. Messages are sent to A1 customers from companies of unknown origin located outside Bulgaria and are targeted at fraud. Messages contain a link that, when pressed, enables the sending of sms from the recipient to international numbers. A1 asks that its subscribers be alert and do not open sms-s of international numbers of suspect origin and the links in them.

The A1 team is doing all it can to stop the so-called phishing scams, and they have already been archived for examination by the appropriate state authorities.



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