Contact Us | Ventsislav Stefanov in a conversation about black toot and "idiot games" after a spectacular comeback


Ventsislav Stefanov watches the match at the national stadium


Ventsislav Stefanov watches the match at the national stadium

The second consecutive defeat of "Slavia" in a game with many goals led to the president of the club of Ventsislav Stefanov on the subject "black toot". After a 2 to 0: 2 turnaround against the month of September, he said it was necessary to check if bets were placed at bookmakers and if not – to get an excuse.

A week ago, white players withdrew 3: 5 at home against the Danube (Rousse). Despite two defeats, Slavia are second in their group of eight points, with six points ahead of September and look to play decisive matches for the Europa League playoffs.

"I just can not tell them (players) You can say – 100% I know there is no dishonest work A person who understands football can conclude that there is no such thing here," said Stefanov, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Bulgarian Football Federation, before the BBC.


"Slavia" took 2: 0 against "September", but lost 2: 3

"If it does not exist, you should go back and apologize. If there is something like this, you can look for a guilty party or … But at least I do not see any of those Slavia players who can handle these things, "he continued. In his words, in whites, "these are impossible jobs".

Stefanov added, "There were such teams, there were such cases before, but it was never in Slavia." I can put my head. "

The president of Slavia justified the situation with the "idiot games" caused by the form in the First League.


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