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Close to the police officers convicted of Chorata's death, they tighten …

A prayer for a just sentence was served today in the Blagoevgrad temple "Presentation of the Blessed Virgin." On the second day of Easter, the five policemen – B. Mehandzhiyski, M. Pisov, Ivanov, G. Kalinkov and Y. Grahovski – gathered in the temple to pray for a just sentence.

The five policemen are currently being held in Bobov dol following an April 19 HCC decision that the uniforms will be punished for the death of A. Dimitrov – Chorata, writes

"We have been waiting for justice for 13 years, all cases have occurred in Sofia, we have gone through all the instances, we experienced all this, we expected the boys to be released, but unfortunately that did not happen," said Borislav Mehadjiyski's father.

"We see the boys, it's nasty when you go there to see them alongside those who violated the state's order is very humiliating. Nothing is predictable in the case, we expected a verdict, and it was quite different, we expected nothing," said the father of Ivo Ivanov.

"It's difficult for us to celebrate without the party, we just hear on the phone, they are good, their souls are clean, I believe they will come back to us," said Ivo Ivanov's wife.

In the temple, the relatives asked to take a photo because they do not want publicity.

On 7 May, immediately after the holidays, a protest is organized before the ODMWR-Blagoevgrad, where close and supporting police will make a peaceful procession through the city.


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