Friday , February 26 2021

Charlie Sheen: I'm tired of apologizing for things I do not remember – Gossip

Actor Charlie Sheen has set aside most of his usual habits and strives to be a role model for his children. This is what he himself said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, citing the Monitor.

The star of the cult series "Two and a Half Men" is not licking alcohol, does not use drugs and no longer walks in coupons. He goes to bed at 9:00 p.m. and spends his time reading "healthy scenarios" and following the news.

"Every night he started with good intentions, but he always ended up with loyal people who had to clear up my troubles. I was tired of apologizing for things I do not remember," the 53-year-old said.

Uncle Charles Charlie, a man known all over the world, still can not get rid of smoking, but works on him. He shares that his relatives are excited about his transformation.

"I am no longer interrupting people.I do not lose things.I am very precise.And my children really see this super-reliable man.They can trust me to be their example.Today they have the best version of their father," he said.

Sheen brought Cassandra's daughter for 34 years from her first marriage, plus two girls – Sam (14) and Lola (13) of her love for Dennis Richards, and twins – Bob and Max (9) by Brooke Miller.

In December, Sheen announced that she had not been lying for 12 months.

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