Monday , November 18 2019
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Burning hell near Tarnovo! Here's what happens PHOTOS

Garga Bair Hill near Veliko Tarnovo is burning. The location behind Trapezitsa hill on the Samovodene road is difficult to reach, especially in the dark part of the day.

The fires are at least 4. The signal was received around 8:30 pm, bTV reported.

The fire covered about 10 acres of dry grass and shrubs. There is no danger to the village area, at the foot of the burning hill and the forest so far, according to the Fire Department. Fire teams from Veliko Turnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa were mobilized.

The flames will be extinguished manually as fire trucks cannot reach the scene.

Several teams with difficult vehicles are already there.

Due to inaccessible outbreaks, the military university is likely to be sought.

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