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Bulgaria | The BNT agitated the spirits with the decision to transmit a conspiracy and mystical transmission

Stoycho Kerev

© BNT, press center

Stoycho Kerev

The Bulgarian National Television's (BNT) decision to broadcast a mystical surrender and alternative interpretations of historical facts provoked many reactions in social networks and, in short, even an Internet petition against transmission.

The intentions of public television became known yesterday, when it was announced a message that, starting on January 20, every Sunday at 6:30 p.m., BNT2 would broadcast Stoycho Karev's "New Knowledge" program. According to him, in the 27-minute episodes directed by Nikolay Yanev and Hristo Hristov, "different perspectives on the origin of man, unrecognized facts and little-known hypotheses about different historical events will be presented."

"Bulgarians are one of the most spiritual entities, and it is normal for them to have a growing interest in such topics." Increasingly the occult knowledge of the eyes of men becomes the object of research by several authors, and today many wonder what the reason for confusing different circles. the Masons, Illuminati, Scientologists and representatives of various secret societies are discussing the control of the planet daily, now, in these last days, mastery of the minds of humanity begins. and to weaken and the invisible becomes visible, "says the author and host of Stoycho Kerev quoted by the website BNT.

Karev is known as one of the leaders of "Every Sunday" at BNT, after Kevork Kevorkian stepped off the screen and became the producer of the show. He also worked late Saturday afternoon on public television and then on television, and BTV, he led a TV7 conspiracy thema.

According to the BNT announcement, "one of the greatest experts in Bulgaria and abroad will be visiting" The project introduces the public with dedicated people, with the secrets of free energy and presents alternative theories about humanity from ancient times.

"New knowledge" exists in the form of an online project in March 2016. and is also broadcast on TV +. YouTube channel video sharing platform YouTube Karev 66 288 subscribers. The themes of some of the short videos are: "How to connect with the universal intellect", "Top 10 of the most mysterious conspiracy theories", "The terrible confessions of the father of vaccines", "The sign of the beast is a disgrace. with shamans, "" The wisdom of the shamans: what do they think about mental illness? "," New interpretations of the color of the aura and its power "," The magic and witchcraft in the Bulgarian lands. "

According to the concept with which BNT's current director Konstantin Kamenarov won his post, the second national television channel was to become a "niche for education and culture."


Yesterday, an online petition was launched against the broadcast of public television that quickly began to gain support. "The dissemination of the faded suicide presented as" hypotheses, "neglecting scientific progress and its achievements at the cost of outspoken lies and the promotion of pseudoscience should not be tolerated by any media and at least by the FET, was removed from without any reason.

The intention of the broadcast to be broadcast on public television also caused a series of reactions on the social network "Facebook"


"The public television BNT will broadcast the transmission of the absurd occult, mysticism and pseudo-science.Officialization of the charlatans is another step towards our return to the medieval darkness from which we began to emerge. Obviously follows the collection of sparrows, In times in which we struggle to counter trolls and false news, public television itself, which receives tens of millions of our taxes each year, propagates false conspiracy theories, "wrote an expert Lubomir Alamanova.

"The BNT is not a marginal cable operator but a public television, but it should not focus on spreading delusions, namely distracting them from facts and debates based on them," says Maria Spirova's commentary on London.

Stoycho Kerev refused to comment on reactions to his surrender. "There is nothing that responds to a reaction to something that has not yet begun in the air that has not yet been seen," Radi Georgiev of Karev's team told Dnevnik.

"Dnevnik" also asked BNT questions about the decision to broadcast the broadcast. At the end of the day, the television press service had not been answered.

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