Bulgaria prepares for new mass social protests – BLITZ


Bulgaria is preparing for further massive social protests in the coming days. The dissatisfaction arising from high fuel prices is now focused on low living standards, poor health care, corruption, lack of accountability of politicians, and so on.

In Lom, the blockade of the road began on Saturday morning. The main roundabout was closed, a parking lot stopped traffic outside the northern city. "The protests will not be interrupted until all prices drop to the level people can afford," protest organizer Ventzislav Yossifov told bTV.

Tomorrow Petrohan's passage could be blocked.

In Sofia the marathon of protest continues before the National Assembly under the title "Occupation with resignation of the government". The action is organized in social networks and is declared as Bulgarian dissatisfaction in the country and abroad.

Once again in Sofia on Sunday at 15:00 there will be a "People's Assembly". We explain in 2013 what we want – to stop the population's political genocide, one of the coordinators of the event – Georgi Georgiev of the Civil Change Forum, told bTV. He pointed out that the leaders of current dissatisfaction were on the streets and during the February protests of 5 years ago that first removed Boiko Borisov from power.

He and another organizer, Metodi Bachvarov, were categorical that there was no party behind them. Leaders will be elected and the president will be invited to "declare if he is with the people". Valeriy Simeonov's resignation is yet another overwhelming wall on the Wailing Wall in Bulgaria, a way of silencing the protests, emphasized Bachvarov.

"Do not change all that political shit that governs us, there is no prosperity," Georgiev said flatly.

The two said they were not anarchists, did not want riots, and their goals with other demonstrators in the country were common.

But not such impression created the words of the organizer of Blagoevgrad protest Alexander Stamboliiski. He pointed out that he distinguished himself from the planned and prepared Sunday for a major peace event on Monday.

"Fuel prices are a catalyst for the general social situation in Bulgaria … Not only fuels are a factor, we see increasing absurdities in the last two weeks," said Stamboliyski and declared himself a majority vote.


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