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bTV fills Slavi's hole: Give a total febrile blow

The saga of who will take the place of Slavi Trifonov, after a long time withdrawing from the air, begins to become a little clearer. Instead of the headless guy at that moment, we'll see Mikhail Bialov.
The actor who recently gained popularity with "Get Rich" will not lead a show, but will star in a series that will turn him into Slavi's place. This is the third season of the most successful band "Links", announced Bulgaria today.

The favorite series of many viewers will be going very soon – in the fall, as he already throwing in a fire. The show time will be 10:30 pm because it has intimate scenes, sex and jargon, the team said.
BTV filled the hole of Slavi: Take a total febrile blow

The usual "suspects" will again be Mihail Bialov, Lilia Maravilia, Yana Marinova, Valeri Yordanov, Aneta Sotirova, Nikolai Ishkov, Angela Nedyalkova, Lorina Kamburova and Alek Aleksiev. Will be the actors, which will replace the "Slavi Show" traditionally broadcasted at the same time.

The series last season also featured many invited stars such as Preslava, for which it was the first appearance in TV Role. And this time it will include famous and popular personalities, promise writers.

After the characters' intricacies were broadcast in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania, the series producers decided to reconfigure director Viktor Bozhinov, screenwriters Vanya Nikolova and Nelly Dimitrova and operator Anton Bakarski.

"Links" was officially unveiled in Cannes's annual film and TV market, where renowned producers from around the world are gathering. The show is the first urban comedy with elements of drama made in Bulgaria. In it, Mikhail Bialov proves that he can play not only a mute as in "Under cover", but also a funny guy.

"I like the show because it raises the love theme. Some of the characters understand that it's like the strongest drug – out of it, or you drag on the ground or in the clouds, and while it lasts, you become a complete idiot. Still, you want it more than anything else in the world, "says Bilalov, who is challenged to play a comedic role.

His character is married to the architect Lilia Maravilia, and his mother in the film is Aneta Sotirova. The script is written by Vanya Nikolova and Nelly Dimitrova, writers of "Under cover", and Katya Nikolova of "Hunting Network".
In the third season of relationships, the relationship between the main characters is becoming more complex. Lilia Maravilia receives the long-awaited divorce with Bilalov.

That same day her boyfriend Valeri Yordanov offered her a wedding. She refuses, but accidentally grabs her pistol, and without asking, He shot him. Of course, she thinks she killed him and runs back to Bialalov and tosses him around his neck. The two are still together, and their story remains tangled, publicized by the Bialov team specifically for the newspaper.

As for Slavi Trifonov and his show, Long there is an idea to create a political movement, but in the beginning he thinks that "the dulgo is improving".

The comedians remain
In addition to the show "Bulgaria is looking for talent", in which the leaders will be Alexander Kadiev and Danny Zlatkov, the laughing comic sketches also remain on the program schedule. They will fill the time between the Turkish series and "Links" and will last 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, the reality of "Farm" also has a place to broadcast – after the news at 8:00 p.m.
The Euro Cat Club will be taking fans of "Star of Games" fans.

E New Tv shoots – "stolen life" of July
The new TV will also astound the fans with creativity. The medical journal "Stolen Life" will begin filming in July and the eighth season will be broadcast in the fall.
Lyubo Neykov and Evtim Miloshev's "Throat of the Devil" will also have a second season, but will begin filming only next year.

Autumn on New TV instead of starting with "VIP Brother" "The Will Games". The broadcast will be broadcast from a beautiful Bulgarian beach.

"A group of brave heroes will turn their backs on civilization, armed only with their sharp mind and physical strength, they will enter into battle at the limit of human abilities." This is the idea, and the winner will take it 200 000 cam"They told TV about the format." Willpower "is a popular Colombian reality, and the cast for it started.

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