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BTV crashed without Slavi, saving the night's rating with an extraordinary move

BTV's nightly rating dropped after the end of the "Slavic Show". While television continues to perform well, it was intended to bring down the reality of psychologist Annie Vladimirova, who left for Long on Thursday and Friday, but was a real failure in the context of her predecessor.

Even before the New Year, instead of "True Stories" with host Ani Vladimirova, a new show would start, the gossip is shown in the media. His work has been entrusted to Krasi Vankov, to whom Bulgarian waves owe the reality show "Day and Night" and the series "Destinies at a Crossroads".

The new show would have the same artistic style as the other two – with amateurs instead of real actors, but the theme would be criminal police. The idea was to present real life events, where the names of the actors were changed and the images themselves played in front of the camera by snooze.

That's exactly the idea in most of the episodes of "Destiny at the Crossroads," broadcast on New TV, not just criminals, but also all kinds of personal dramas included there, writes "Weekend."

Days before the idea of ​​downloading "True Stories" from the show was heard, you would boast once again that it is the most watched television in the country. The media submitted the ratings for September, according to which Ani Vladimirova's broadcast is the eighth in the Top 10 of the most watched reality shows and entertainment programs.

However, experts see something wrong with the data provided. "If they succeeded, why would they change?" They ask.

It is alleged that the new TV series The Road to Honor, aired at the end of True Stories, seriously hit the competition ranking. It is also believed that this production success would not have been possible in competition with the Slavi Show, which not even a program like "Air Lords" could surpass.

"The movie was unwavering! If it had been with you, Nova would probably not have dared to broadcast a BG series from 10 pm, because no one would watch it," many TVs are convinced.

It is significant that, for the first time in a long time, the Top 10, traditionally maintained on BTV shows, now finds three competition shows – "Masked Singer", "Stolen Life" and "Will Games". .

Unlike True Stories, produced by farm chiefs Ivan Hristov and Andrey Arnaudov, Comedians and Friends, which takes place on the Slavic Show website from Monday to Wednesday, is unnoticed by television.

He was considered the golden chicken in Bi-Vi – his rating is unchanged no matter what day and how many hours it airs.

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