BSP presented its Alternative Budget for 2019 (OBZOR)


November 6, 2018 | 02:25 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Information Agency

BSP presented its Alternative Budget for 2019 (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS Information Agency


The BSP presented its Alternative Budget for 2019. Representatives of people with disabilities, trade unions, scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, pensioners and youth organizations were present at the presentation.
BSP President Kornelia Ninova stressed that the budget proposed by the government has an alternative. "It is a bad way for the government to survive because taxes are being raised for the most vulnerable and the poorest – those who, because they are poor, drive old cars, use second-hand clothes. poor, money is given to the administration to ensure the vote in the elections, "said Ninova, pointing out that this is a pre-election budget to survive the government next year. "We offer long-term policies that represent guaranteed economic growth with an emphasis on regions and municipalities, the Bulgarian economy and Bulgarian production." Secondly – measures to overcome poverty, inequalities, and if I have to sum it up in one word, I would say Because of what we offer, we guarantee the improvement of health status, education, economy, income and, especially, the care of young people and children, that is, through a budget in which there are many specific policies and sectoral, we have set the big goal – the demographic catastrophe, which can be overcome by many measures, "commented the BSP leader.
The MP of the BSP for Bulgaria Prof. Rumen Gechev commented that with the alternative budget, the left returns the idea of ​​2013 to form an investment fund in the budget. "The fund was 500 million leva, and we now plan 1.2 billion francs in 2019. Of these, 500 million leva must go to create an appropriate infrastructure and attract investors that create added value in the special industrial zones. And another 700 million will be directed to regions that are underdeveloped, "explained Prof. Gechev.
Senior Public Policy Policy Specialist at the BSP of the BSP Plamen Milev pointed out that the party proposed that the January 1, 2019 minimum wage be 640 levs, which represents 60% of the average salary of the last 12 months. "In terms of income policy, we offer a monthly maximum insurance income of 3900 BGN. We propose introducing a progressive income tax for individuals. We also offer the first steps for the taxation of family income – parents deduct for each child up to In addition to VAT, we offer two differentiated tariffs – one for medicines of 20% to 10% and one for bread – from 20% to 5% .We keep the corporate tax rate at 10%, " said Milev. In addition, the BSP has also promised that young families who work and pay their social security contributions must pay a single allowance in the amount of BGN 6400 for the birth of a second child.
MP BSP for Bulgaria Irena Anastasova presented the ideas of the BSP for a budget in the sphere of education. "We offer a free textbook for a class for all students aged 1 to 12. This serious measure will cost BGN 52 million," she said. "We have allocated 20 million BGN to the National Library – we think this is extremely necessary because we are all aware of the problems in them, as well as BGN 60 million for the Agricultural Academy, we are adding extra funds to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Higher Education" , said Anastasova.
The health care provided in the alternative budget was presented by the deputy of the left Prof. Georgi Mihaylov. "We propose to fund the NHIF to create two funds – the Unsecured Fund, with about 20 million leads at the outset and the Fund for pensioners and children, and we believe that the funds for outpatient care should also be increased. that the conditions for payment of clinical pathways should be changed, "said Professor Mihaylov. In relation to the budget of the Ministry of Health, he explained that more resources should be allocated to municipal hospitals. "It is also very important to include funds for the development of prophylactic programs for early diagnosis and active treatment." "We also support the idea of ​​setting up a National Children's Hospital," he said.
BSP leader Kornelia Ninova pointed out that the left-wing parliamentary group would not register in a first-reading ballot box. "A quorum is the duty of the majority in the words of Prime Minister Borisov, and if they do, we will be debating our alternative budget." But our voices do not guarantee a policy we deny – a policy aimed at the weakest and most vulnerable groups in favor of a small crowd around the government for peace next year, "Ninova said.

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