Brutal melee! They beat famous musicians.


Brutal melee happened during the participation of famous musicians in a disco in Blagoevgrad on June 18. At the height of the party, the tension increased and a real battlefield was built.

The reason was the behavior of the stars. After turning a few cups, they began to make fun of their fans, something typical of their performances. But the Macedonian blood of the spectators did not resist and returned abruptly. A group of enthusiasts jumped to the tastes of the famous musicians, and only the arrival of the police smoothed the frightened teens.

The musicians are from the MBT band, who are currently among the latest artists. They have become popular with masks of singing and not revealing their identity. One version is that among the mysterious musicians there is a son of a multimillionaire who opposes his appearance as a hooligan artist.

Complaints about the bad behavior on the side of the two boys come from many restaurants. The tension in them often increased and began to break the interior, to throw glasses and bottles on the bars. That is exactly what happened in Blagoevgrad, where they began to spray the public with water. A company of boys commented gently with them that they did not like it, but there was no understanding.

The culmination occurred when a dozen boys entered the battle of open artists. The guards could not deal with violent passions and the intervention of uniforms that quickly closed the club was necessary. The musicians of the MBT were crushed and eyewitnesses reported that there were traces of blood. "Let them be a lesson and know that they have to respect their audience, these people in the club have come to them, lest they be ridiculed," eyewitnesses commented.


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