BMW with a Tesla attack. Play a cheaper electric car model 3 – Automotive News


In all probability, in a short time, BMW will expand its electric range with a new model that will be characterized by a very low price. If that happens, the new electric BMW will become one of the cheapest in Europe and will have a more attractive price than the cheapest Tesla.

The model will be called i2 and its approximate price will be 30,000 euros, which is well below the base price of the Tesla Model 3. In Europe, the only cheaper offer will be for Volkswagen which will offer its identity. for 24,000 euros. The dimensions of the new cheap electric BMW will be comparable to those of the i3, but the car will have a more traditional look.

According to preliminary data, the i2 will be in the form of a four-door coupe and will probably be a tiny copy of the BMW i4. The low price will be achieved by denying the use of certain technologies as well as the lack of carbonaceous elements. However, the active development of i2 has not started yet and soon there is evidence that it will also help the direct competitors of Mercedes.


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