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BMW cars are automatically switched to electric mode in dirty cities

BMW's new hybrid cars will automatically shut down their internal combustion engines in heavily polluted cities and switch to electric control. The goal is to reduce the emissions emitted by cars.

BMW's efforts to optimize the impact of hybrid cars on the environment with the discontinuity of conventional engine technology comes at a time when the automotive industry is trying to sell electric cars. And its sales were only 1.5% of the total last year, he wrote to Reuters.

People are avoiding buying electric cars because of the lack of enough recharging stations and because they can operate a certain mileage, and the energy itself takes time.

The accelerated application of electric cars on the market proved to be quite difficult. This is because cities face many costs to build an electrical infrastructure with the energy needed to charge electric cars.

Even the city of Rüsselsheim, Germany, where the Opel carmaker was based, had to apply for state funding to build 1,300 gas stations.

BMW unveiled the new 3-Series Touring (Video)

BMW unveiled the new 3-Series Touring (Video)

The car will go on sale in Europe by the end of the year

Hybrid cars have the ability to recharge the batteries while using the internal combustion engine. This relieves consumers' concerns about limited traffic capacity and pushes cities to quickly build the necessary infrastructure.

The new BMW cars will have the feature of automatic cut of the motor from 2020. Cities like Rotterdam confirm that the regime really works and proved that it pollutes the air less.

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