Block in municipal land: sold while Simeonov is the head of a municipal council


A company close to NFFS leader Valery Simeonov, built an apartment block in the plot, which he and the SKAT company acquire from the municipality in 2008. The land business is completed while Simeonov is the chairman of the Borough Council. Instead of a future cable TV station, a residential building is being built on the property, notes bTV.

September 2008 – Valeri Simeonov is President of Burgas City Council and manager of the company "SKAT". The company buys 555 square meters of municipal land for 1 020 978 leads. Thus the company of Simeonov becomes owner of a lot of 875 square meters. In his words, SKAT was the co-owner of the rest of the property before the deal.

They check out Valery Simeonov and


They check Valery Simeonov and "Scat" for cheap properties

Another politician and party entered the "Gate of the Apartment"

"I do not participate in the evaluation of the property, it is done by specialists, my job was to talk to the mayor and his deputies, who are responsible for the municipal property, to raise the price so that there were no stories on my address," explained Valeriy Simeonov.

In 2008, however, he said the opposite: "I personally participated in the evaluation."

There are no new buildings on the ground for years.

"There was a crisis in 2008, and that was reflected in the SCAT, and the revenues fell and we had no funds to start building the property in question, I thought of doing the studios there," explained Simeonov.

At the end of 2008, SKAT Ltd transferred ownership of the property to SKAT TV OOD. February 2017, "SKAT TV" provides the Eastern European construction holding company, represented by Martin Dyakov, with the right to build a residential building on the plot, with SKAT TV retaining 38% of ownership in the future block. The guarantor of the business is "Eurobuilding Engineering" is also directed by Martin Dyakov.

Today, the building is being built, and the "Eurobuilding Engineering" website shows that its properties have been sold, with the exception of an office and a pharmacy.

"Somehow, we are suggesting to people that everyone has the right to dig up business cases that are not public." The building in Zlatograd was built by me. satisfied with the quality of work, "said Valery Simeonov.

When asked if they participated in any way in the NFFS, SKAT and Attack campaigns, he denied categorically.

In the summer of 2011 – a few months before the local elections, from a report transmitted by SKAT TV, it became clear that Martin Diakov and his "Eurobuilding Engineering" donate materials and are included in the construction of the temple "St. George the Victorious". The initiative for construction was the then candidate for mayor Valeri Simeonov.

"Martin Diakov participated with materials and free work," he explained.

Martin Dyakov, managing director of EuroDevelopment Engineering, declined bTV's invitation for an interview. A week ago, the prosecutor's office announced that he had been verifying Valery Simeonov for real estate deals in recent years.


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