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Bill Gates recognizes Microsoft's "biggest mistake"

Picture of Bill Gates: Tweed / Bill Gates

Microsoft would be even more valuable if it won the battle over mobile software against Google and its Android platform. That said in a forum in Washington, co-founder Bill Gates, quoted by BGNES

"We can not be the dominant mobile operating system, we distract ourselves during our antitrust process, we do not ask the best people to do the work," he said.

According to Gates, who retired from the day-to-day management of a company a decade ago, mobile failure is "the biggest mistake I made" at Microsoft because "it was one of our skills."

"We were obviously the company we had to reach and we did not," he said.

Microsoft and other major software companies also made a mistake in allowing Amazon to become the leading cloud computing company.

"It's a surprise and a big credit to Jeff Bezos and his team that have come out ahead," Gates said.

Asked how he feels replaced by Bezos as the richest man in the world, Gates replies that "this is a sign that I did not spend my money fast enough to get out of the top ten."

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