Bayern Munich (Munich) beat RB (Leipzig) 3-0 and won the German Cup


Bayern Munich won the German Cup! The Bavarians beat 3-0 0B (Leipzig) in the final of the Berlin Olympics. Robert Lewandowski (28.85) and Kingsley Comman (78) were the winners.

Thus, Niko Kovac's team won a pair this season after having triumphed in the Bundesliga a week ago. "The Bulls" tried to win the first major trophy in its history, but could not counteract the Bavarian machine. For Munich, it was the 19th German Cup in history.

Bayern played a very strong game, especially as the 25th minute was definitely the best team. Manuel Neuer also got some good redemptions after the victory of Paulsen and Werner.

RB (Leipzig) - Bayern (Munich) 0: 3

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RB (Leipzig) – Bayern 0: 3, a new goal for Lewandowski

The duel will be played in Berlin

The first good opportunity opened in front of Bayern. In the third minute, Gnabri finishes Haltensberg, but passes through the door.

After 11 minutes, Jusuf Paulsen came close to extending the visitors' lead when he found himself completely unmarked in front of the goal after a pass through the middle, Manuel Neyer was able to react and hit the ball that hit the bar and hit the front of the goal. 7 minutes into the match, Timo Werner nearly gave the visitors the lead, but he lifted the ball over Joshua Kimih and it was a little too high and hit the bar.

After 26 minutes, Werner ran to the left and looked for Marcel Zabitzer, whose shot was imprecise.

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Bayern led three minutes later. A long-range attack on the left ended with Alabama centering in the penalty area, where Robert Lewandowski's unstoppable shot aimed at his goal.

After the fall, the "Bavarians" governed the initiative, but did not create anything of interest to Peter Gulashi. At 42 minutes, Ibrahima Konate saved his goal from a secure goal. Kingsley Commander was removed from the bulls' defense, overtaking the keeper and hit the French defender's shot in front of the goal.

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Three minutes later, the Leipzig guard entered decisively after a blow by Mats Hummel. The defender directed the ball into the corner after the turn, but the Hungarian goalkeeper with the foot shot down in a new corner kick.

The second half began with a good opportunity for the Reds. Comman flicked to the left and turned the ball to the penalty area where Thiago was. The Spanish midfielder took an imprecise blow.

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After 48 minutes, Manuel Neier spoke again. Emil Forsberg received a pass from Konate, escaped from the Bayern defense, and looked at the goalkeeper, who with one hand managed to block the blow of the Swedish player.

Shortly thereafter, Werner attempted a stroke from a difficult position that did not hurt Neier. 55 'Coman crosses into the box on penalty area. Lewandowski was not able to play with the ball, Halstnerberg did not score well, and Gnabri was hit, but Gulashi managed to save.

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A minute later, Lewandowski advanced to the left and instead fought with Thomas Mueller, decided to shoot, but the goalkeeper of Leipzig caught the ball.

On 57 minutes, Werner received a good pass from Zabitzer, got Alabama and fired diagonally. Neuer could not react, but Niklas Zule fired the ball from the goal.

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At 62 minutes, Mats Hummels advanced with the ball in the middle of Leipzig. The defender was not bothered by an enemy football player and decided to shoot, but Gulashi intervened and saved. A minute later, Serge Gnabri crossed right into the big area, where Tiago could not find the contours for a few minutes.

After 64 minutes, Thomas Müller sent a free kick in high over the penalty box.

Bayern continued to look for a second goal, with which largely decided the match. After 68 minutes, Levi's header after Gnibri's cross came through.

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After 73 minutes, Niko Kovacs switched Arrien Robben with Gnabri. It was the last game of the Dutch veteran for the Bavarians.

Five minutes later, the Bavarian machine scored a second shot. Focusing on the right side of Kimich found Uppakano's leg. Kingsley Commander managed to control the ball in a magical way, eliminated Haltensenberg and with a strong 0: 2 kick.

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After 85 minutes, Robert Lewandowski made the save. Kimich's extinction became a paving pass for the Pole. The striker beat Upamekano and stood alone against Gulaši with a stylish kick past 0: 3. As the game came, Frank Ribery appeared.

At the end of the match, Kimih's diagonal shot was killed by Gulashi, and Roben lost the scribble for a few yards.

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