Automotive industry Carlos Gon was arrested again on new charges


Lawyer of Carlos Gonzín Chironaka,

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Lawyer of Carlos Gonzín Chironaka,

After spending 107 days in custody and released in early March on a $ 9 million bail, former Carlos Rey Nissan boss Carlos Gono was arrested again in Tokyo today, Bloomberg said. The businessman has been accused of new charges that are the most serious so far.

It involves using Reno's millions to cover a number of purchases – buying jets, yaks, finalizing a business project for sales and sales.

Gon was visited by promoters at his home in Tokyo and was invited to go to the prosecutor's office. There he was detained.

Hours after detention, Goin said in a statement that it was a necessity to block his mouth, but this would not break him. The arrest came as the prime minister announced that on April 11 he would give a statement every week, where he would be told where the allegations came from and who was suing the prosecution.

Carlos Gon was arrested on November 19 when he arrived in Tokyo and spent more than 100 days in jail north of the Japanese capital. He is accused of reducing Nissan's declared earnings and the abuse of trust.


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