Attention, drivers! As of today, catad …


A specialized police operation for the use of safety systems by vehicle drivers and their companions begins today. Special care will be given to the proper transportation of children. Another emphasis on the operation will be the correct registration of motorcycle registration numbers by motorcyclists.

Traffic police say that, in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance I-45 of March 24, 2000, motorcycle license plates are placed only at the back, but in order to ensure visibility and night lighting. In addition, the shape of the plaque, the integrity of the graph and the numerical symbols (article 10, no. 5, of Administrative Rule no. I-45 of 24.03.2000) will not be violated.

We remind you that such operations occurred between March 11 and March 17 and April 17 to 24. During the first, organized by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL), 28 869 vehicles were inspected and a total of 3402 violations were found. Of these, 2591 were executed by drivers. In 444 cases, one seat-belt occupant was not found in the front seat, and another 367 in the back seat. There were also 45 cases of diversion of children. The pilots checked during the operation were 316, in 81 cases the pilots had not put the necessary helmets.

During the second operation, held from April 17 to 24, 49,363 vehicles were inspected. For the non-use of security systems – belts and child seats in cars, were found 1766 violations. Motorcyclists found 122 violations, in 57 cases helmets were not used in 6 – incorrect registration numbers and 49 cases where motorcycles had no registration numbers.


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