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Asen Yordanov from Bivola: Two times they wanted to kill me – ᐉ Bulgarian News • latest news and updated information

It seems to be an order, I can not say exactly by whom, but it's about people who are clothed with power. The indications speak of this. First, this is a false alert. The sign that the Supreme Court of Cassation is working does not know whether it is an investigation or a pre-litigation procedure, "said Asen Yordanov, editor of the" Bivoly "website, on the TV show" Honestly with Lyuba Kallezic "on Eurocom TV in a sign against him and chief editor of Bivola Atanas Chobanov, in which a sign is said to have acquired both properties at very low prices.

Yordanov told TV Evrokom that he had called a policeman named Nikolay Goranov, who wanted to interrogate him urgently by a signal from a civil association "BOEC" against him and Atanas Chobanov. Yordanov contacted the civil association, and they totally denied having anything to do with it. BOEZ even expressed a willingness to give his position to the investigating officer, but after his initial agreement, the policeman turned around and told Asen Yordanov that no matter what the signal, whether false or real – it does not matter. According to Yordanov, everything comes from a Trud publication.

& Quot; I have nothing to worry about. You have to worry about the people who have made this request against ' Bivolli & # 39; I will not hide, there will be an international echo. "BOEZ" officially told me that they do not have that signal against me and Chobanov. The sign is that we have very expensive properties that are bought for a little money, "said Lyuba Kulesic Assen Yordanov.

"Peevsky's media basically deals with & # 39; investigations & # 39; & # 39; against journalists, and this is really just a scandalous campaign. Actions to discredit and for psychological refraction. They can not break me, but the people around me suffer. Many of them break. I've been through assassination attempts, actions, I've been through everything, "Yordanov said.

Yordanov said that he twice ordered his murder. In one case, the leader of the group was an acting prosecutor, for whom nothing followed, and it remains so. For the second case, Yordanov said he was "ordained" by a party leader who is now one of them.

According to publisher Bivolli, there is an expansion of the elections after the elections, which are being launched by the Peevsky media and by the media and official opposition citizens.

& Quot; This is a repression of the state bordering terror. I had to protect myself physically and with knowledge and skills. Even in tyrannical Russia there is a much stronger civil society and a much stronger, independent and free media than in Bulgaria. There is no critical mass of civil society in Bulgaria, "he added in connection with the arrest and subsequent release of Russian journalist Ivan Golunov as a result of public pressure.

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