Apple has introduced its video streaming service and its own credit card


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Apple, an Apple company, has added several new services to its portfolio. At a news conference in California, the technology giant introduced its own video streaming service, Apple TV +, to fight for leadership in the Netflix spheres and Amazon.

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It should start operating in May and allow Apple customers to subscribe to individual streaming services such as HBO Go or paid sports events. Apple TV + will also offer original video content produced by the company. Until fall, the app will be compatible with all Apple devices.

The technology giant also looked at the news sphere. The company introduced the Apple News + application, which includes journalistic content and will require a $ 9.99 and $ 12.99 subscription in Canada. The service is now available, offering a free trial for the first month.

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Apple News + includes articles on some of the most popular American newspapers and magazines. These include National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and others. More than 300 issues are included in the application.

Apple also introduced its own credit card – the Apple card. With a special iPhone application, it will work around the world and track what customers spend and when they pay. The credit card will also use Apple Maps to describe where and when transactions are made. The card will not have charges or penalty interest.

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In addition, there will be weekly and monthly cost summaries as well as the premium feature. The Apple Card payment system will be protected by unique dynamic codes, combining digits and facial or digital touch recognition.


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