Alexandra Surchadjieva managed to smile her son after the tragedy



Alexandra Surchadjieva makes every effort to move forward after the death of Ivan Laskin. The actress was spotted in a metropolitan mall. She and her final artist daughter filled a huge envelope with toys from a store downstairs from the mall. Surchadzhieva is trying to reconcile her son in every way. "Alex was not a makeup artist, but her face was not good, but she seems to be behaving with Sofia, but the girl smiled at her new acquisition," Blic says.

Ivan Laskin died in Epiphany – January 6, after spending a good time in a hospital waiting for a liver transplant. The cult of his mortal remnants came from many famous personalities and friends of the artist, who was known for his sharp mind, his unpleasant tongue and his great talent. After his death, Alex is alone with his son. His mother, Pepa Nikolova, died years ago, and his father, Joseph Surchadzhiev, wants nothing to do with her.


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