After the separation with Maria Rachkov, she is preparing a new blow! (PHOTOS)


Only a few days ago it was clear that the leader Dimitar Rachkov and Maria Ignatova separated again. "They are still muttering and living apart, and this time there is no turning back," he said, familiar with the novel and TV presenter of the comic.

That relationship ended, confirms the fact that since the beginning of this year, Mitko and Maria have no public appearance together.

Evidence is also Rachkov's frivolous behavior in "Two drops of water."

It was from the scene of the imitation show that the comedian announced something that seriously hit the pocket of his old burn.

For several years, Maria Ignatova and Alex Raeva led Nova's "X Factor" TV show. Today, however, Rakov said, "Looking at those of X Factor, they are starting to get together again.

This was confirmed by Vasil Vasilev – Zueka, the other leader of the "Drops".

"Yes, it will be us. Maggie, we are universal," said Rachkov and Zueka with one voice. If it was another joke, or even the comedian will pick Ignatova bread, we will find out if the X Factor returns to the screen.



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