A young woman became a cousin of Easter, filmed in the dark to … (PHOTOS / VIDEO)


A video of a store's security cameras appeared on Facebook, showing a young woman dressed at an apparent age no more than 20 years stealing the turnover from a 24-hour shop in Sofia.

The incident occurred in the dark hours of Easter, and the amount stolen is 300 lev.

The video was sent by the shop owner, located on Vihren Street, 2, in the Pavlovo neighborhood of Sofia.

According to the owner, at the time there was a night shift employee who was in another room to load the refrigerators. He made a mistake that he did not lock the object while he is not in the box, they write of "Air Lords". This, of course, does not justify the girl's actions.

The owner of the 24-hour shop asks anyone who acknowledges the girl to contact him or her to take further action on his or her detention.


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