A terrible scandal broke out of the ocean with Jenny Sushi's furious lawyer!


Furious attorney and heavy attorney in sexual assault Gloria Allrad is targeted by a ferocious attack on behalf of her former clients in the United States, writes the Telegraph.

The lady defends the interests of reporter Jenny Sushi-kissed by Kubrat Pulev. The 77-year-old American is accused of paying fees in a case she has promised to translate to her colleagues, and has deliberately failed in another case to make a profit.

Washington Standart publishes extensive material according to which a rape victim is threatened with arrest and a fine of more than $ 1 million, since Gloria Allrad has not complied with her contract.

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The Washington Standard sought Gloria Allrad's office to comment on the case by posting the e-mail received from there.

"We introduced Miss Williams seven years ago, since she has had a large number of lawyers and any legal issues that Miss Williams has, have nothing to do with the fact that we present her and there is no reasonable basis for the allegations. you sent.

Their claims are based on incomplete information that led to false conclusions. "

From the unprofessional fulfillment of duties by Gloria Allrad also complained to the American meteorologist Kyle Hunter. Under the publications of all the major US Internet media on the intervention of Kubrat Pulev's lawyer, he commented that the 77-year-old lawyer "was severely wounding me and my family, and I am currently suing her for violating lawyers ". fraud in the Los Angeles Supreme Court. "


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