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The royal family recently announced that Megan Marcel is pregnant, and now the world press has stopped making noise around her. Kensington Palace said the royal baby would be born in the spring but did not specify when.

Meanwhile, the media contacted the doctors and announced one of the Duchess of Sussex's greatest secrets. It turns out that she experienced a great pain for which she is silent at that moment. Days after the announcement of the pregnancy, Marcel suffered from a disease typical of some mothers. It hides the danger of the baby's death. Kate Middleton suffered from it.

After the gay news announcement to Megan, the photographers immediately began to grab their sedentary belly. Journalists do not stop to think exactly when the real heir will be born.

Experts suggest that the duchess will give birth to twins. According to some of them, Marcel expects twins. In addition, according to data from the UK National Health Service, at 37 years of age, a woman is more likely to have twins born. "With age, hormone levels are increasing, so the likelihood of multiple pregnancy is increasing," they say.

Social networking users have noticed that Megan often gets her hands on her stomach. But some of them think this is an acting game because the baby is still too small to feel their movements.

According to experts, one can say exactly when the baby will be born because of the rings that the duchess brings. There are 3 different stones in them.

One is an emerald that is a symbol of August when Megan was born, a blue sapphire – a symbol of September (when Prince Harry was born), and the third is a diamond – an April symbol. So fans of the royal family expect the little heir to show up.


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