Saturday , October 23 2021

A new neighborhood is being built on the campsite "Arapya"


A new neighborhood emerged on the coast of the old Arapya camp and construction continues, bTV announced.

The single-family housing complex is almost finished. The municipality of Tsarevo explained that the land was sold more than 10 years ago.

The ban on the construction of

The ban on the construction of Arapia and Alepu remains in force

Some of Aleppo's violations have already been removed

The building permit provided higher buildings but are now reduced to two stories. The investor did not respond to calls.

A few meters from the concrete buildings on the opposite bank, there is the controversial forest where the construction was stopped in the winter.

Despite the buildings, Mary camped a caravan here for almost 30 years. Stamen Gachev – owner of a caravan, claims that the place becomes a seaside town like Tsarevo and Sozopol.

Housing construction stopped

The construction of villas near "Arapya"

There was no access infrastructure and website cabinets

According to the National Association "Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria", new legislative proposals are urgent.

According to the Association, the changes will protect the beaches from turning them into parking lots.

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