A man was raping a woman from Plovdiv, fell in a parked car and then … – BLITZ


A young man tried to rape a 34-year-old girl in Kurshiyaka. The attack happened days ago, he wrote TrafficNews.bg.

The woman worked in a banquet house in the north area. Minutes before 6 o'clock in the morning, an inadequate man entered the facility. He began arrogantly with the salesman, using cynicism and vulgar clues about her. The Bulgarian woman asked him to leave immediately, but he attacked her and tried to rape her, he told his relatives in front of our reporter.

He pulled on her clothes, took her hands and even touched her. You resisted, and your attempts to end the abusive attack proved successful. Seeing that his intentions will not be fulfilled, the stranger escaped in an unknown direction.

The victim called the police and their relatives. Along with her uniforms and relatives, she went to the Third District to file a complaint. And here she was surprised! Minutes after entering the building, the girl saw her assailant.

"Here it is! This is the man who attacked me," shouted the Plovdiv woman in the corridor of the Third RUP.

"My daughter was very upset, she was not alone," said the mother of the wounded.

It turns out that minutes after the attack on the woman of Plovdiv, the man continued his series of outrages. On a nearby street, between blocks, he crashed into a parked car. He broke the glass of the vehicle, opened it and … lay down to sleep. The strong accident was not heard by those living in a nearby cooperative. People went out on the terraces and saw what was happening. A signal was sent to the police and the uniforms found the man asleep. They arrested him and took him to the district. It was there that he faced his victim again.

The man was taken to a cell. A few hours after waking, the young man did not even know where he was. Turns out he was dead and did not know what was going on. He did not remember anything last night – neither the attack nor the car crash.

The striker is 23 years old from Kardzhali. He was in the city under the hills of a party with his brother. That same night, he used a good amount of alcohol in a nightclub, and in the morning he found himself in a panic.

The man was detained for 24 hours in detention. A quick assault on a vehicle was launched against him. At the same time, a case is filed for his attempted rape.

The woman visited a doctor. The research was done and the forensic expertise was prepared. The victim's family is definitely responsible for the man's responsibility.

"We worry that this man can come back again, he's free, and if he attacks her again, if she breaks up or if she invades her family, she's so scared she's afraid to go out. ", Shared the relatives of the victim.


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