A man sneezed like a ball and when he wakes up in the morning … (VIDEO)


A Glasgow family discovered a man stranded at home, The Daily Record reported.

"The husbands woke me up and asked," And who are you? "" The man tells a video that appeared on Facebook. "And I said," What are you talking about? Last night I was here at a party! "

But the housekeeper quickly assured the stranger that he had no party in the house that night. Shortly afterward, it became clear that when he took a taxi from the party, the Scotsman confused the front doors. "I went in, I lay down and I fell asleep," the man recalls.

In the morning the family in whose house he had arrived found a plate of food on the table and the stranger who slept on the couch. "I've obviously prepared something to eat," he adds.

The hosts received a very welcoming guest. They took it with a cup of tea and a cigarette. And the video, which has become a real virus on the network, the Scot does not fail to thank the family for their hospitality.

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