A drastic jump in the price of the night with 67% wants CEZ; A new touch came with the skyscraper of "Arteks"




A drastic jump in the price of the night with 67% either CEZ

CEZ wants to raise the nightly rate for households as of July 1, with 67.60%, according to a price list announced by the Bulgarian Energy Regulatory Commission. Thus, the use of electricity during the night will cost BGN 0,09476 per kWh without VAT. The daily electricity surge is 3.5%.

EVN, however, suggests that the price of electricity during the day will increase by 0.45%, and for electricity at night the tariff will increase by 1.1%. The most modest of its applications to increase electricity prices are from Energo Pro. The company proposes that the daily does not increase, while the increase of the nocturnal rate is 2.08%. If and how much the price increases will have to be decided by the regulator.



A new touch came with the skyscraper of "Arteks"

The turn of the 34-story skyscraper of "Arteks Golden Age" in Lozenets came to a turnaround. Contrary to the categorical position after the meeting with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov that the building does not have a valid building permit, the DNSC did not dare to find it in an official document. In its order to disrupt construction, the DNSK pointed out another legal basis – significant investment project deviations were identified. At the same time, it set a trap for Sofia's chief architect, who must give an opinion on the validity of the license before work on the site can continue. This has become clear since the end of Monday, issued by DNSK order, to stop construction. The building control first disclosed a brief press release with the news, but ended up publishing the document in its entirety.


"24 hours":

Investigating a Dutch channel for cocaine floating on the Black Sea

The Black Sea ejected a sequential package of cocaine, this time near Bolata Beach for Kavarna, informs the Dobrich Prosecutor's Office.

On Tuesday night, border policemen walked the beaches and, from the skating over Bolata, noticed an orange lifejacket like those who had already swam around Shabla a week ago and to the Sunny Day Resort. They immediately took her to the beach. There was a plastic bag wrapped around him with ribbon and rope. 18 pounds of cocaine, 16 packs, were removed.

This is the third prosecution investigation of the Black Sea drug outbreak. It all starts with a boat outdone by the Romanian troops. There is 1 tonne of cocaine found in it and in water in different code packages, some of which have the Cristiano Ronaldo logo. Days later, in the south, the Romanians find more packages with the most expensive medicines.



Rumen Radev: Bulgaria must have infrastructure projects ready for construction

"The state of Qatar has the will and interest in investing in the Bulgarian transport infrastructure, but our country needs to prepare and present its investment projects in a convincing way.Without specific technical parameters, financial analyzes and deadlines we can not attract large international investors . " This was stated by President Rumen Radev, quoted in a President's press release, at a meeting with members of the Committee on Regional Policy, Urban Development and Local Self-Government and the Committee on Transport, Information Technology and Communications at the National Assembly.

The head of state presented to MEPs the results of his official visit to Qatar, where he was invited by the Emir Sheikh bin Hamad Al-Tani from 10 to 12 April, writes BTA. During my talks in Doha with the emir, the Prime Minister, the Qatari Minister of Transport and the executive director of the Qatar Investment Agency, the Road Infrastructure Partnership in Bulgaria, in the north-south direction, has been relaunched, Rumen Radev pointed out.



Deputy minister fired for a villa on a European project

Deputy Economy Minister Alexander Manolev resigned from Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, announced by Dondukov 1.

As a reason for his decision, Manolev highlighted the initial inspection by the Supreme Court of Cassation in media publications and his wish that this did not in any way affect the work of the government. They claim to have made a private home with a pool in a European project.

Another argument presented by Manolev was the solidarity with his colleagues who "fulfilled the moral standard of the government and left their posts only by suspicion". "I'm sure there's nothing against me in the documents, but I can not put my family back into it, thanks for my confidence, my decision is personal," said Alexander Manolev.


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