Xuxa shares photo next to first generation of pajamas and causes uproar


Xuxa - Reproduction / Instagram
Xuxa – Reproduction / Instagram

The presenter Xuxa Meneghel reunited his former stage assistants on Sunday (4), and caused uproar among his followers. In a photo posted on his profile on Instagram, Sasha Meneghel's mother appears next to the first generation of pakitas.

"Here where everything started … Catu (Ana Paula), Xixa (Andreia, me, Paca (Andrea) and Pitu (Louise)", wrote the blonde in the caption. Xuxa also published another post where he appears alongside Letícia Spiller, Andrea Sorvetão, Bianca Rinaldi and Juliana Baroni.


Following the publication, followers and even celebrities made comments on the Xuxa timeline. "I wanted time to come back", said a follower. Another, said the paquitas were part of a wonderful time in his life: "Wonderful part of my life. I dreamed a lot about being one of them ", revealed the surfer.

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Celebrities comment photo of Xuxa and paquitas

Some celebrities also made a point of leaving their comment. "Nostalgia. I really wanted to be there with you ", said Ticiane Pinheiro. "Delicious"said Luciano Huck's wife, Angelica.

Other celebrities like Fernanda Gentili, Monique Alfradique and Eliana also left their comments reminiscent of a magical time in the past where it all began. It is worth remembering that Xuxa is still known as the queen of the little ones.

Throughout her career, in addition to presenting highly successful shows, the blonde also sold several records and took off as a singer.

Fan Tribute

Xuxa – Reproduction / Instagram

Xuxa Meneghel shared with his followers on the Instagram an unusual tribute made by one of his fans who lives in Australia. In the photo, the boy appears in front of his automobile and shows a plaque made with the presenter's name.

"Fernando was always my fan, follower and friend … disappeared, is living outside … but the love for me NEVER ended, thank you, miss ", wrote the mother of Sasha … See the photo!

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