Saturday , October 16 2021

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE tries to lean on the most expensive verse to convince | Review / Review

Mi 9 SE promises to bring the appeal of flagships costing much less. On the outside it is almost identical to the Mi 9, but inside it has less powerful hardware. Does that just change between the two or did Xiaomi make other cuts to reduce the price and offer a competitive middleman?

In our analysis you will see the answer to this question and everything the Mi 9 SE has to offer and how it works against Redmi and other manufacturers' smartphones. We tested the device for several days to check the level of performance delivered and if its battery is as good as other Xiaomi smartphones.

The design is similar to that of the more expensive model, and the build quality does not disappoint. What may leave some interested frustrated is with the lack of P2 input for headphones or microSD slot.

Here we have Snapdragon 712, a very powerful Qualcomm solution, but due to the lack of optimization of MIUI 10, the Mi 9 SE suffers to keep several applications open, even though it has 6 GB of RAM.

Its battery performs well, even more if we consider that the device has only 3,070 mAh. Xiaomi could have been more generous with the Mi 9 SE, as several models of the brand we tested count on 4,000 mAh.

But what most disappoints here are his cameras. They are not bad, but for the price the company is asking for, they should deliver more than Redmi's recent launches.

Interested In Mi 9 SE? Check all the details of the device in the link below and find out if it is worth the price charged or it is better to go to another option. If you decide to import yours, we've also listed some GearBest and Banggood offers below.

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